I Met My Spirit Guides at the Dinner Table

Yesterday I went into my meditation with the intention to meet with my spirit guides. I envisioned a wooden table set up in a nice field with four chairs around it. It was a beautiful day, much like we had that day.

I sat down and the first to approach was an American Indian leading his magnificent chestnut horse. The beautiful adornments on both of them fascinated me.

Then along came a golden shimmering light who I learned to be Archangel Ariel. This was a little confusing to me as I didn’t think she is gold, but I figured, well she can really do anything she wants, who am I to question her choice of outfits.

Then finally, a man sat down to my right. It was Jesus. This is not the first time we have met, but somehow I am surprised because I am not a religious person and my first thoughts are that he is followed by church and religion and why would he come to me? But, Without getting into any religious “stuff” I understood there is a purpose.

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