Bridging The Gap in the Hospice Unit

This last Sunday was my final training day in the hospice unit at the hospital. We had to do three classroom and three hospital training days. Nothing you learn in the classroom will really ever prepare you for what really happens “on the unit.” It was the best day ever, but I’d like to tell you a little about what hospice volunteers do.

Most people are there at the end of their life, living as comfortably as they can. Some are there for a short time to give their families a break. You never know who you might be helping when you get there. I learned a lot about how to make coffee and do laundry. Things that really help keep the families comfortable and help the staff have what they need. This was not exactly what I expected when I signed up to be a volunteer. My mission was to sit with people whether they didn’t have anyone to sit with, or they were unresponsive. I wanted to use Reiki to provide additional comfort, and I wanted to see if I could use my intuition to communicate with those who could not.

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Are You Being Called to a Higher Purpose?

Sure, we’ve all had those moments when you knew something and you didn’t know how you knew it. Or maybe you have had spirit communication and you didn’t know what it was. Did you really just have a “hunch” about something?

It seems like the many people I have met in psychic development courses had some sort of psychic experiences as a child, but either ignored it out of fear, were shamed into ignoring it or just chalked it up to coincidence. That’s how I dealt with mine.

I was saved from being crushed by a tractor trailer on the highway because I had a “hunch” that I ought to back off. The trailer detached from the cab and crossed the highway right in front of me, where I had been.

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Readings by Writing

Not everyone learns the same. Some people need to read how to do something. Others have to be shown how to do it. It would make sense then that psychics would have different ways of obtaining information they provide to you in a reading. Some use tools such as tarot cards or pendulums, some hear the information, some feel the information. It’s just not the same for everyone.

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I Met My Spirit Guides at the Dinner Table

Yesterday I went into my meditation with the intention to meet with my spirit guides. I envisioned a wooden table set up in a nice field with four chairs around it. It was a beautiful day, much like we had that day.

I sat down and the first to approach was an American Indian leading his magnificent chestnut horse. The beautiful adornments on both of them fascinated me.

Then along came a golden shimmering light who I learned to be Archangel Ariel. This was a little confusing to me as I didn’t think she is gold, but I figured, well she can really do anything she wants, who am I to question her choice of outfits.

Then finally, a man sat down to my right. It was Jesus. This is not the first time we have met, but somehow I am surprised because I am not a religious person and my first thoughts are that he is followed by church and religion and why would he come to me? But, Without getting into any religious “stuff” I understood there is a purpose.

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Can You Talk To Your Angels?

Awhile back I was searching the internet to find classes on how to talk to my angels. I wanted someone to give me the answers, the key to the kingdom so to speak. One place did have a free introductory tele-class which I listened to and it was that class that gave me the one single answer I needed to hear.

See, I did not understand the subtle ways angels communicate with us. I do not hear trumpets announcing theĀ  arrival of the messengers, nor do they appear to me in glowing apparitions. I’ve been hearing from my angels for YEARS and I didn’t even know it! They communicate to me by thoughts and feelings. It’s all in my head, but I have to shut up before I can “hear” what they have to say.

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When Spirit Asks For Help

There was a person I was aware who died recently. I didn’t know him personally but I started “thinking” about him. What I mean is that he would pop into my head frequently; I wasn’t sure why, because we had no ties and he lived across the country. Why would I even think about him past the initial realization of his passing?

One Saturday, my husband had us scraping the paint off the side of our house – his idea of a family activity I guess. Well, it is mind-numbing work. Perfect conditions for my subconscious to be open for this person to let me know it wasn’t my imagination. I felt his presence quite strongly and through thought, he told me he was afraid to pass over for fear of being judged. He died of an accidental overdose, well, nothing is REALLY an accident, is it?

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Tips on Listening to Your Inner Guidance

The tingling was going crazy – several times throughout the whole day for several days in a row. But I couldn’t figure out what the message was. When I would quiet myself and ask if there was a message, my mind would totally go blank. Maybe I expected a faster answer, I don’t know, but I got nothin’.

One day I received a call that a young family member had a seizure. Then the message was clear. “I was trying to tell you to call…” I knew then what I was supposed to have figured out. Yes, I had thought about this relative recently, but dismissed it as just another general thought. How many times do we do that?

I also felt the seizure had something to do with his diet or not getting the nutrients his growing body needed. The chemicals and additives in today’s food is not optimum for anyone, let alone children. Then I pulled two Archangel Raphael Healing Cards to see what the angels had to say about it. One indicated to go outside more – well a vitamin D deficiency can cause seizures. The other said to see a nutritionist. Hmmm. I do not pretend to know anything about medical conditions, but I wasn’t prescribing anything except asking her to follow up with an expert. I was comfortable with that.

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