The Learning Process

In two days I start the first of three weekend-long classes toward a certificate in Mediumship. I’m excited and scared at the same time. So excited to learn and understand and practice with real volunteers. Terrified that nothing will happen and I’ll be the only one in class who can’t do it. Why do I feel like this? I have had many of my own experiences that validate my ability! I always come back to this one any time I start to wonder if maybe I’m making it all up:

I was giving a practice reading to someone who was a bit of a skeptic. We were texting and I was going to have to type my responses. I closed my eyes and right away I saw fishing lures. I felt they were for trout (I am not a fishing kind of gal, so I really have no idea if they were or not). I was standing on a grassy slope and there was a lake in front of me. At the edge of the lake was a man with a baseball hat and a German Shepherd. The dog looked directly at me and started running toward me, excitedly. This seemed odd to me that the dog could see me. Anyway, I told this to the person and he indicated that his dad had passed and that his German Shepherd dog had been hit by a car. The family always wondered if maybe they were in heaven together. I think that was validation for the both of us that indeed, we can be with our pets on the other side!

I think that’s a pretty cool story and it’s what I come back to when I start to have doubts that I will be successful in this class. Even though I’ve done extensive reading and written classes, I don’t have a lot of experience giving actual mediumship readings. You learn by doing so we will be assigned homework – which will be using our new skills to do readings on volunteers and get testimonials.

What is my motivation for becoming a medium? Is it bad to say I just think it’s SO COOL to be able to connect people with their loved ones? Is that ego-based? Probably. Is it bad to want to do something for a living that I totally love? No. I think that’s what we’re all supposed to do. The hard part is figuring out what that thing is.

I can do this.


Where Do You Draw the Line?

I have a friend who is way more advanced and experienced in psychic stuff than I am. She has taught me a lot over the last couple of years. She knows about things I’ve never heard of, and she can do things I’ve never ever thought about doing – in the psychic arena I mean.

She is a “Crosser-Over of Lost Souls” and this is something she probably does every day. She can just feel the spiritual energy, figure out who it is, what they need, and get them where they need to go. Yes, this happens to me occasionally, but more often than not, I’m busy with my day-to-day routine, my mind is on getting through my work day, getting kids where they need to be; you know the drill. A spirit has to come knocking on my door pretty hard before I realize what’s going on.

Keep that in mind as I wander off for a minute. A couple of months ago I was having hot flashes. Not unusual for a person my age, but it’s not a common occurrence for me. They came on suddenly, and they were “agitating.” That’s the best way I can describe them. Yes, I would get flush and feel like I was just a furnace from the inside, but there was something else. I felt like I needed to get out. Maybe that’s just how hot flashes are, I don’t really have anything to compare them to, but I would want to pace around until it was gone. I started researching them to see what causes them, what natural thing I could do to help ease them and just how long could I expect this to go on anyway?

I mentioned it to my friend and she automatically asked if I had some spirits hanging on. She does this to me all the time and you would think I would do it myself at this point, but it never occurs to me to look for a spiritual cause for anything that might hurt or be uncomfortable for no reason. Honestly, I didn’t feel anything, but like I said, things had been a little hectic. She mentioned that there was a news story online about four boys being killed in a plane crash recently and that they all perished in the fire. This is extra interesting because she doesn’t watch or read the news. On purpose. If she sees something that catches her eye, you can pretty much guarantee there’s a reason she saw it.

She said she would look to see if they were with me, and sure enough she said they were. Was I feeling their experience of the fire? She said she would cross them for me. We were texting at this point and my husband caught sight of what we were talking about. He rolled his eyes and said “It’s not like you’re not the age where you should be having hot flashes or anything.”  He’s not into this, can you tell?

I would say by the next day I had no more hot flashes and haven’t had any since. I share this story to give you something to question. If you don’t believe in any of this, you stopped reading this a long time ago.

When I said earlier that she is way more advanced than I am, there are things we talk about that make me wonder when she’s going to just jump out and say “You fell for it! I was only kidding!” Things that make no sense to me whatsoever, or seem so far “out there” that I wonder if I’m just supposed to believe everything because I know how knowledgeable she is about so many other things.

Is every experience of the truth different for every person? I never tell her I don’t believe what she’s telling me because we all have our own feelings about what we can accept, especially in an area so filled with the unknown. Where do I draw the line? If I draw a line I might miss out on something that DOES feel true to me that I didn’t know before. I don’t want to miss anything.

Is It Time To Take a New Path?

The majority of people I give readings to are concerned about career and finances. That is a common concern for most anyone these days and I can’t say I am surprised.

Everyone wants to know if they are on the right path. Are they really working to their true calling? Is there something else that Ishould be doing? There is a general dissatisfaction with where we are in life and we want to see if it’s going to get any better somewhere down the line.

First, YES, you are on the right path. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right this minute. It may not be what you imagined for yourself, you may be struggling through some hard times. You might hate the hell out of your job. Do you know why? Might there be some lesson there that you must learn now so that you can use this experience and knowledge somewhere down the line?

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Cut Through the Psychic B.S.

Sometimes I pick up the local holistic/mind/body/soul magazine on my way out of the grocery store. You may have seen the rack filled with those free publications. Sometimes you find something good there. Check it out next time you go.

Anyway, as I flipped through the pages I started to see practices and modalities I have never heard of. That isn’t surprising, I can’t know everything about everything, but I started to count how many different ones there were. I got sidetracked by the full page ad announcing “Marconic Reconnection – Spiritual Alchemy and Healing Seminars.” The program promises to share what galactic and celestial guides have to say about upgrading and reconnecting to the Axiatonal System of the Universe. Wow.  I hadn’t thought about upgrading.

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Are You Being Called to a Higher Purpose?

Sure, we’ve all had those moments when you knew something and you didn’t know how you knew it. Or maybe you have had spirit communication and you didn’t know what it was. Did you really just have a “hunch” about something?

It seems like the many people I have met in psychic development courses had some sort of psychic experiences as a child, but either ignored it out of fear, were shamed into ignoring it or just chalked it up to coincidence. That’s how I dealt with mine.

I was saved from being crushed by a tractor trailer on the highway because I had a “hunch” that I ought to back off. The trailer detached from the cab and crossed the highway right in front of me, where I had been.

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