The Learning Process

In two days I start the first of three weekend-long classes toward a certificate in Mediumship. I’m excited and scared at the same time. So excited to learn and understand and practice with real volunteers. Terrified that nothing will happen and I’ll be the only one in class who can’t do it. Why do I feel like this? I have had many of my own experiences that validate my ability! I always come back to this one any time I start to wonder if maybe I’m making it all up:

I was giving a practice reading to someone who was a bit of a skeptic. We were texting and I was going to have to type my responses. I closed my eyes and right away I saw fishing lures. I felt they were for trout (I am not a fishing kind of gal, so I really have no idea if they were or not). I was standing on a grassy slope and there was a lake in front of me. At the edge of the lake was a man with a baseball hat and a German Shepherd. The dog looked directly at me and started running toward me, excitedly. This seemed odd to me that the dog could see me. Anyway, I told this to the person and he indicated that his dad had passed and that his German Shepherd dog had been hit by a car. The family always wondered if maybe they were in heaven together. I think that was validation for the both of us that indeed, we can be with our pets on the other side!

I think that’s a pretty cool story and it’s what I come back to when I start to have doubts that I will be successful in this class. Even though I’ve done extensive reading and written classes, I don’t have a lot of experience giving actual mediumship readings. You learn by doing so we will be assigned homework – which will be using our new skills to do readings on volunteers and get testimonials.

What is my motivation for becoming a medium? Is it bad to say I just think it’s SO COOL to be able to connect people with their loved ones? Is that ego-based? Probably. Is it bad to want to do something for a living that I totally love? No. I think that’s what we’re all supposed to do. The hard part is figuring out what that thing is.

I can do this.


A Transformation

Why is it so difficult to tell people that I am an intuitive? Just for clarification, I use that word because it’s much softer and not as scary as the word “psychic” to most people. Everyone knows what a psychic is, but when I say “intuitive” I get a puzzled look and the ask if that has anything to do with Quickbooks (since their parent company is Intuit). 

My gift is developing and I try so hard not to compare myself. I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. I think it may have something to do with my comfort on a couple of different levels. First, as much as I try, I still question my abilities. I get signs, I get validation, I get testimonials and yet I think I am just as surprised as anyone and I wonder if I’m making it all up. I’m 99.9% sure I’m not because there’s just no explaining some things. On another level, as I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t want anyone to think I’m a weirdo. How do you just happen to mention to someone you’ve known for 25 years that oh yeah, by the way, I’m psychic now. My biggest fear is that I’m going to embarrass my family. My husband and my son are science guys. They don’t want to hear about it. My daughter is much more open, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t tell her friends. 

Some people are afraid of psychics and mediums because it’s against their religion. I am not religious, I am not going to be conformed into a set of rules about what God is. Instead, I am spiritual; I have a one-on-one relationship with God. But it’s a personal relationship, not one I’m going to be discussing with anyone else.

So How do you do your work without bringing it into the house? Sometimes I get excited about some messages I get and I want to tell someone! My dog likes to listen but I’m pretty sure the cat is a scientist too. I think I came up with a way to sneak it in though. I’ve had my art website and my intuitive website separate for a long time. I’ve decided to merge them into one entity I’m calling “The Artful Intuitive.” It’s a way to hide behind my art for a little while because I’m confident in my art and I really don’t care whether you like it or not. It sells to people who are attracted to it. Just like I give readings to people who need me. I am not going to be right for every person either way.

So I am stepping out of my fear a little at a time. For those who can accept that I offer a little something “extra”, nothing will change and that’s how I hope it stays. For those who can’t accept it, well I’m sorry that you think anything has changed because I haven’t. I’m just tired of being scared about whether you’re going to stop being my friend, or talking to me, or about me.

I promise not to carry around a crystal ball or wear a glittery head scarf when we are together. I won’t whip out my tarot cards at the dinner table (unless you ask me to) and I will never try to talk you into believing in what I do. But if you are curious about what it feels like, or how I get my messages, don’t be afraid to start the conversation. I can share my experiences and you can choose to believe what you wish!

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Communicating Through Dreams

I hate it when people try to describe their dreams, but bear with me here a minute because it really does turn out to be a great story.

Not long ago I received a “friend request” from someone I haven’t seen in over 30 years. We have a mutual friend, but I had to ask who this person was because I really didn’t recognize her name. Realizing that indeed we knew each other, it was nice to reconnect. I knew that her aunt was placed in assisted living several years ago with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. I knew the aunt personally many years ago too.

About a month after reconnecting I had a dream that the aunt came to me and she took me flying over the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. It opened up like a pop-up book as we flew over the ocean, then each piece of the hotel raised up page by page. It was very vivid and not something I could forget when I woke up. I thought it was weird to be dreaming about her because I hadn’t seen her in such a long time.

As I thought about it the next day, it came to me that this was a message from the aunt to her niece. I wasn’t sure exactly how to present this information or whether she would be accepting of a message since I’m pretty quiet about this sort of thing. I sent her a private message, and I think I just asked her if she would be open to receiving information that might be a little extraordinary. She said she was.

First I asked her if her aunt liked the Hotel del Coronado. She said she loved that place and went there often. That was my opening! I told her about the pop-up book and she told me that’s the only kind of books she can read now. She thanked me for the message and said she was going to go visit her aunt – she really hadn’t been there in awhile.

She went and brought a pop up book for her. Her aunt didn’t really recognize her but they had a nice visit and my friend was definitely happy she went.

A few weeks later I was in my bedroom folding clothes and I had what I call a “spirit surge.” That feeling of chills  like someone just walked through your body. I found out the next morning that her aunt had passed away. My friend did not get to see her again after that last visit and she was happy that she made time to go.

So now there are some interesting things going through my mind. I TOTALLY feel like this aunt had something to do with us connecting on Facebook. She wanted to see her niece again and how was she going to communicate that to someone when she has Alzheimer’s? Through the dream state. Her soul is free as a bird when she is sleeping and can go anywhere and talk to anyone. She chose to “talk” to me in my dreams and fortunately, I was able to understand what to do with the information.

Those vivid dreams you have…write them down and see if maybe there’s a message in there somewhere. It might not be for you. It might not come to you right away. But don’t discount it because maybe you’ve been selected as the messenger.

When Spirit Asks For Help

There was a person I was aware who died recently. I didn’t know him personally but I started “thinking” about him. What I mean is that he would pop into my head frequently; I wasn’t sure why, because we had no ties and he lived across the country. Why would I even think about him past the initial realization of his passing?

One Saturday, my husband had us scraping the paint off the side of our house – his idea of a family activity I guess. Well, it is mind-numbing work. Perfect conditions for my subconscious to be open for this person to let me know it wasn’t my imagination. I felt his presence quite strongly and through thought, he told me he was afraid to pass over for fear of being judged. He died of an accidental overdose, well, nothing is REALLY an accident, is it?

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