I Met My Spirit Guides at the Dinner Table

Yesterday I went into my meditation with the intention to meet with my spirit guides. I envisioned a wooden table set up in a nice field with four chairs around it. It was a beautiful day, much like we had that day.

I sat down and the first to approach was an American Indian leading his magnificent chestnut horse. The beautiful adornments on both of them fascinated me.

Then along came a golden shimmering light who I learned to be Archangel Ariel. This was a little confusing to me as I didn’t think she is gold, but I figured, well she can really do anything she wants, who am I to question her choice of outfits.

Then finally, a man sat down to my right. It was Jesus. This is not the first time we have met, but somehow I am surprised because I am not a religious person and my first thoughts are that he is followed by church and religion and why would he come to me? But, Without getting into any religious “stuff” I understood there is a purpose.

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Can You Talk To Your Angels?

Awhile back I was searching the internet to find classes on how to talk to my angels. I wanted someone to give me the answers, the key to the kingdom so to speak. One place did have a free introductory tele-class which I listened to and it was that class that gave me the one single answer I needed to hear.

See, I did not understand the subtle ways angels communicate with us. I do not hear trumpets announcing the  arrival of the messengers, nor do they appear to me in glowing apparitions. I’ve been hearing from my angels for YEARS and I didn’t even know it! They communicate to me by thoughts and feelings. It’s all in my head, but I have to shut up before I can “hear” what they have to say.

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Just Because I Can’t See Angels Doesn’t Mean They’re Not There

When I first started learning about angels and spirit guides, it was a little frustrating because my experiences were not what I expected. I didn’t see any floating winged angels in my bedroom, I didn’t hear whispers in my ear, I didn’t understand the “mind’s eye” at all. All I could think was “Why can’t I do that too?”

First off, it takes time and dedication to practice on a consistent basis. Learning how to meditate is a good first step. Honestly, I have never been a fan of meditation. I get bored or I fall asleep most of the time. I’m getting much better because now that I practice almost daily, I’m learning how to gently set aside the interrupting thoughts, not be annoyed by distracting noise and just allow myself to let go. Even if nothing happens, I’ve let my mind be quiet and relaxed for a half hour.

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Asking The Angels for a Sign

Oh it was just a crappy day. We all have them and we get through it with that little gray cloud floating over our heads. It was probably getting close to that time of the month so I was already in a crabby mood anyway.

On my way home from work I noticed I needed gas. I suppose I should have been thankful that I noticed and didn’t just run out. After filling up, I got back in the car and said out loud: “Angels, I know you’re with me, but today I REALLY need a sign of your presence please.” You never know what to expect, so I made sure to keep my eyes open for anything abnormal.

I got home and saw two messages on my answering machine. Probably some medical office reminding me of an appointment, I thought.

The first message was from the store where I sell my art. She called to tell me someone purchased one of my pieces and that they would like another one with the same saying on it. Get ready for this…the saying was


 “If You Were Waiting For A Sign – This Is It.” 



The second message was from a client who called to order a personalized SIGN. Even now when I think about it, I get goose bumps.

I will never doubt that my angels are around me. I got my sign – twice.