Intuitive Robin Anderson

We all have intuition, and I didn’t even know it was possible to develop as a psychic, but I’ve learned that you simply need training, practice and mentoring. My program, Bridging The Psychic Gap will put you on the path to awakening your divine mission. You will learn how to develop the psychic abilities already inside you and I will give you a blueprint for becoming a professional psychic and start healing people with your message.

It was only through studying, taking classes and practice that I figured out what my strengths were and how I receive my psychic information. I learned how to ground and protect myself while doing spiritual work and I learned how to recognize when I’m getting spiritual guidance.  I was guided to create these courses to help people just like you bridge that psychic gap and heal yourself from a heart-centered space. Is there a course that speaks to you? E-Courses


Getting a psychic reading is like putting together a puzzle. Often clients have preconceived notions about what I am going to tell them, and it turns out that they get an entirely different message. You get what you need to hear, not what you expect or want to hear and that’s where the major breakthroughs are experienced. I have a standard reading and an expanded reading available.


When I give intuitive readings they are frequently career-related. I get a feel for why they’re not working in a field they love, why they are not allowing themselves to succeed and often, clients have those “Ah Ha!” moments because we uncover ways to move forward that had never occurred to them.Often, it is because working in a standard 9-5 (0r more) job is killing your spirit. If you think there should be more to work than crunching numbers or selling people things they don’t need, you may be feeling the pull toward a more spiritual career.

  • Do you feel a call to heal others?
  • Do people always come to you with their problems?
  • Do you want to help make the world a better place?
  • Are you interested in using spiritual methods to teach others?

These are traits of “Lightworkers” and I’d like to help awaken that light within you.

I am not offering a “Get Rich” or “Million Dollar” program. I’m offering a safe and supportive way for you to expand your intuition in an uncomplicated way. You may choose to go beyond the beginning phase, you may not want to. You may choose to learn how to use your skills in a professional way.


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