Is It Time To Take a New Path?

The majority of people I give readings to are concerned about career and finances. That is a common concern for most anyone these days and I can’t say I am surprised.

Everyone wants to know if they are on the right path. Are they really working to their true calling? Is there something else that Ishould be doing? There is a general dissatisfaction with where we are in life and we want to see if it’s going to get any better somewhere down the line.

First, YES, you are on the right path. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right this minute. It may not be what you imagined for yourself, you may be struggling through some hard times. You might hate the hell out of your job. Do you know why? Might there be some lesson there that you must learn now so that you can use this experience and knowledge somewhere down the line?

I have had so many jobs in my life. From wearing a clown suit at a hamburger place to Avon representative, to hot rod marketing assistant. It’s like I had a three year expiration date; after three years I was compelled to quit and move on to something else. Honestly, most of them didn’t last three years. It is embarrassing and every time I come up with some new scheme, my husband rolls his eyes and has that “not again” face. I just got so BORED.

Then I started listening to my intuition. I was always into psychic things, but had never had any training so I wasn’t sure why I felt that I needed to be in some sort of holistic business. I didn’t know what that meant but it was a compelling feeling that I just couldn’t ignore anymore. Think about any thoughts you have had about your own life. Are you happy where you are right now, or are you being “called” or gently nudged to do something else?

My feeling was that I really needed to help people somehow. I became a Reiki Master with the intention of offering healing and comfort to people and animals. That was my springboard into oracle card readings. WOW. I can’t tell you how much I love doing this. But that wasn’t the end. As I gave readings, they turned into mini-mentoring sessions and then teaching them how to develop their own intuition and it finally hit me that I had found my calling. If I can teach people to do what I do, we can reach a lot more people who need that reassurance that yes, you are on the right path.

As you wonder where your life is going and whether you will make a difference to anyone, I’d like to invite you to learn what I have learned and to share it with the world. My courses “Bridging the Psychic Gap” will open up a new world full of meaning and enlightenment. I invite you to see if these courses speak to your soul. Listen to your inner voice, not your ego (fear, worry, doubt) and then contact me to get you started as you take the fork in the road to your new path. It’s really beautiful here.


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