Cut Through the Psychic B.S.

Sometimes I pick up the local holistic/mind/body/soul magazine on my way out of the grocery store. You may have seen the rack filled with those free publications. Sometimes you find something good there. Check it out next time you go.

Anyway, as I flipped through the pages I started to see practices and modalities I have never heard of. That isn’t surprising, I can’t know everything about everything, but I started to count how many different ones there were. I got sidetracked by the full page ad announcing “Marconic Reconnection – Spiritual Alchemy and Healing Seminars.” The program promises to share what galactic and celestial guides have to say about upgrading and reconnecting to the Axiatonal System of the Universe. Wow.  I hadn’t thought about upgrading.

There was an ad for “The Rejuvenizer” which appeared to be a lovely stone-type necklace which protects from EMF’s and other damaging frequencies, strengthens the immune system and enhances your energy and offers a “Lifetime of Healing and Protection.”  We could all use some of that and if it involves jewelry, well that’s a bonus.

There was a Spiritual Development Mystery School, Earth Stewardship Training and oh, I could go on. But I think the ad that caught my attention the most was from a personal psychic advertising her business. It read:

“Hello, my name is XX. I am a very experienced channeling psychic. I have several abilities and talents that range from one spectrum to another. For example, I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, a channeler, a mind reader, past, present, future time frames, an astrologist, a member of the American Tarot Association and a certified professional tarot reader. I can also do seances, automatic writing, prophetic revelations, psychometry, dream interpretation and handwriting analysis….”

It seems like a lot of stuff to throw out there. I’m not doubting she can do all those things, she probably can, but if she was at a party and someone asked her “What do you do?” what do you think she would say? Now I feel inadequate. Do I know enough stuff? Do I HAVE to know that much stuff?

This magazine made me realize why I am so shy about telling people I am a psychic or intuitive. Because there is this element out there that makes the whole industry seem smarmy. It just sounds so fake and phony and I don’t want to be lumped in with that “woo woo” stuff. It’s shallow, but yes I care what other people think of me and that’s why I don’t wear a sparkly scarf around my head (unless I’m at home, or just going to the library. Or maybe the bank. I would wear it to the bank.)

What do I do?  I offer courses on helping you develop your psychic ability and start a spiritual business so you can get out there and heal others. I provide intuitive readings and Reiki for those who need guidance or healing. That’s it and nothing more. That’s what I can do for you, it’s not what I am that matters

If you’d like to develop your own psychic abilities check out my online courses: Bridging The Psychic Gap


3 thoughts on “Cut Through the Psychic B.S.

  1. There was a big giant elephant in the psychic room and you pointed it out! Thank you thank you thank you. All of those “techniques” are simply applications of psychic sensibility and natural intuition. At the end of the day every psychic should be able to read mold spores as well as they read Tarot cards. Psychic is beyond any particular parlor game “technique”.
    One issue here is that a jack of all trades psychic deludes those who actually use systemic models to approach systems like dream interpretation and the Tarot. I am an intuitive who has learned Tarot, but who only reads it intuitively. When I go for a Tarot reading I go to readers who mostly use an academic approach.
    All approaches are valid, but this kind of master of all psychic powers stuff can be scary. Imagine a doctor who specializes in maternity, anesthesiology, infectious disease and psychiatry.

  2. This is very fun stuff to read. I love all things about psychics and paranormal material, so it is interesting to see what your opinion is as a practicing psychic. I would love to hear more about these topics in the future too!

    • I like to share my experiences because most of the time I think “Wow, that really just happened?” Then when doubt creeps in and I wonder if I’m making it all up, I can look back at my own writing and there’s my proof. Thanks for reading!

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