Are You Being Called to a Higher Purpose?

Sure, we’ve all had those moments when you knew something and you didn’t know how you knew it. Or maybe you have had spirit communication and you didn’t know what it was. Did you really just have a “hunch” about something?

It seems like the many people I have met in psychic development courses had some sort of psychic experiences as a child, but either ignored it out of fear, were shamed into ignoring it or just chalked it up to coincidence. That’s how I dealt with mine.

I was saved from being crushed by a tractor trailer on the highway because I had a “hunch” that I ought to back off. The trailer detached from the cab and crossed the highway right in front of me, where I had been.

I had a quick “download” of information about our surprise wedding shower. I instantly knew that we were not heading to a simple barbecue, but it was a surprise shower where my fiance would be whisked off by the guys and I would be left there to open gifts. I didn’t know what to make of that. It came so fast and I just blurted it out “This is NO BARBECUE…”

Have you ever felt guided to do something, even though you aren’t sure why?

While looking through the community college non-credit course list one day I saw classes for Reiki. I had never heard of it but I knew I wanted to do something “holistic” not knowing exactly what that meant. It was a powerful experience and I know something happened during my third initiation as a Reiki Master that opened up my intuition to a new level. Over the last 20 years I have taken courses in meeting my angels, reading auras and parapsychology, so my interest in this area is not new. My mom was an automatic writer and I helped her with that when I was a teenager.

I have studied and practiced psychic development, through books, practice and courses. I know what works for me and I have been able to share my knowledge with several people. One day I heard loud and clear that I was to teach others so I started writing. There were topics I felt were important, but I was not as well versed so I asked one of my other psychic friends to share her knowledge and experience. Thus, “Bridging The Psychic Gap” was born. I just love that title.

My goal was not simply to create more psychics. It is to give women the psychic tools they need so they can then start a spiritual business to help and heal other people. It’s a MISSION! We need more people who are doing good in this world. I’m looking for people who have a sense that they could develop their psychic abilities if only they knew how. There are so many people looking for someone to guide them through tough times, help them make decisions, validate their feelings and we have the ability to do that intuitively.

If you are interested in creating a life of purpose, I’d like to help you get there. Check out my courses on my website:


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