Readings by Writing

Not everyone learns the same. Some people need to read how to do something. Others have to be shown how to do it. It would make sense then that psychics would have different ways of obtaining information they provide to you in a reading. Some use tools such as tarot cards or pendulums, some hear the information, some feel the information. It’s just not the same for everyone.

When I do a reading for someone, I get the best results when I can sit with my oracle cards, a pad of paper and a pen. As I get started, I ask that I be provided clear and precise information that will make sense to my client. I ask for loved ones of the client to please come forward if they wish to be part of the reading. As I review the 10 cards as a whole, I see if there is a common theme (career, emotions, etc.), then I look at each  card individually. Then I start to write. I continue writing until I feel I’ve extracted everything I can. Part of it is clairaudience – I seem to hear the words in my head and I write them down, and some of it is clairsentience – I feel part of the message. I might feel a timeline or feel what a person looks like without actually seeing them.

I may be putting myself into a box, but I’m not certain that if you were sitting in front of me that I could provide the same reading. I feel the pressure to “perform” for one thing. If I don’t get something from a card right away, you’re sitting there wondering why I’m not talking. I do a lot of waiting myself. Then what if I were to have you sit there while I write it all down? How boring. I would rather give you an awesome reading with as much content as possible and let you read it at your leisure. Over and over again. If you’re sitting with me, you will feel the pressure to try to write everything down, you’ll inevitably miss some important thing and you’ll have to decipher what each note meant when you get home. I have a few of those myself; I try to remember what the person said when I wrote down “probable illness / work”. Who’s going to be sick? Someone at work? Will I miss work?

You may not have considered a reading done in that way before; check out my website to see if a reading might be in your future.



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