I Met My Spirit Guides at the Dinner Table

Yesterday I went into my meditation with the intention to meet with my spirit guides. I envisioned a wooden table set up in a nice field with four chairs around it. It was a beautiful day, much like we had that day.

I sat down and the first to approach was an American Indian leading his magnificent chestnut horse. The beautiful adornments on both of them fascinated me.

Then along came a golden shimmering light who I learned to be Archangel Ariel. This was a little confusing to me as I didn’t think she is gold, but I figured, well she can really do anything she wants, who am I to question her choice of outfits.

Then finally, a man sat down to my right. It was Jesus. This is not the first time we have met, but somehow I am surprised because I am not a religious person and my first thoughts are that he is followed by church and religion and why would he come to me? But, Without getting into any religious “stuff” I understood there is a purpose.

Then I fell asleep…

So today I went back to my table in the field and asked my three guides to please come back. I promised I wasn’t as tired as yesterday. And they did.

Sometimes I read the experiences of other people who are “connected to the universe” and I wonder why I don’t get profound messages I can’t understand and how come no one calls me “Dear One” or gives me pages of information to share with soul-searchers everywhere. Because that’s not who I am. I have a BS indicator and if I started to write like that, I wouldn’t believe myself. So, there wasn’t a grand conversation full of advice and secrets of the universe but I felt their very personal message to me.

The horse represented power. My personal power. I have been told on more than one occasion that I am powerful and that I have the ability to make things happen. There is beauty in power when it is used for good.

The American Indian had the name of “Little Bear” or “Little Paw” I am not sure which because I only saw the symbol of a small bear paw. I have the feeling he is a Shaman. Shamans teach us to focus on our connection to nature and all of creation.

The golden color of Archangel Ariel represented intuition, divine knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. She was showing me that I have it within me. She has been showing up for me a lot in different ways lately. She shows up in angel card readings, meditations and in readings other people do for me. She is really trying hard to get me to go outside and commune with nature.

Jesus is an Ascended Master and was a healer. That’s what I consider myself to be. He was there to support my journey to help people through healing. I will have his help when I need it. He was the one who guided me to become a Reiki Master so I could do healing work. I will trust in him to lead me to the people who can use my help.

I couldn’t ask for a more supportive team of guides to walk with me on my path. And as my circumstances change, my guides will change but they will always be who I need at the time.


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