Can You Talk To Your Angels?

Awhile back I was searching the internet to find classes on how to talk to my angels. I wanted someone to give me the answers, the key to the kingdom so to speak. One place did have a free introductory tele-class which I listened to and it was that class that gave me the one single answer I needed to hear.

See, I did not understand the subtle ways angels communicate with us. I do not hear trumpets announcing theĀ  arrival of the messengers, nor do they appear to me in glowing apparitions. I’ve been hearing from my angels for YEARS and I didn’t even know it! They communicate to me by thoughts and feelings. It’s all in my head, but I have to shut up before I can “hear” what they have to say.

Have you ever had a random thought for some cool new idea – one of those forehead smackers? It might have been a simpler way to do something you’ve already been doing, or a new way to use up Popcicle sticks or a business idea. It’s like just out of NOWHERE this amazing idea just pops into your head! Umm, that would be your angels (higher self, guides) helping you navigate through some issue you have. You may not have even realized that you had an issue, but at some point you had a thought. “Man, I wish I could think of something to do with all these Popcicle sticks. I’d hate to just throw them away.” then you went about your business. You “Let Go and Let God” without even thinking about it! That’s why most of us don’t think we are being guided by angels – we think we are so amazing for thinking up this great new idea.

This happens to me when I create art. Sometimes I’m just totally not in the mood, and then there are times when I just can’t wait to sit down at my art table because I’m feeling so inspired. I don’t even know what I want to draw, but that’s when I create my best stuff! Time flies by and I haven’t even thought about chocolate one time. I know I am feeling inspiration (do you see “in spirit” there?) from somewhere.

You don’t need to speak out loud to ask the angels questions, your soul knows what you are thinking. Simply having the thought puts it out there – whether it is a question, a desire, a wish, or a gripe. Give yourself time to get a response. If you don’t know which angel to call upon for help, ask for any angel who can help you with whatever you are asking about. Angels don’t need you to be certified in anything. You don’t really need a lengthy, expensive class. Find like-minded people and talk, ask questions, learn from each other. Your experiences will be different, but you all have the same goal.


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