When Spirit Asks For Help

There was a person I was aware who died recently. I didn’t know him personally but I started “thinking” about him. What I mean is that he would pop into my head frequently; I wasn’t sure why, because we had no ties and he lived across the country. Why would I even think about him past the initial realization of his passing?

One Saturday, my husband had us scraping the paint off the side of our house – his idea of a family activity I guess. Well, it is mind-numbing work. Perfect conditions for my subconscious to be open for this person to let me know it wasn’t my imagination. I felt his presence quite strongly and through thought, he told me he was afraid to pass over for fear of being judged. He died of an accidental overdose, well, nothing is REALLY an accident, is it?

He needed help crossing over and he didn’t want to do it alone because he feared what was waiting for him on the other side. This information was given to me by thought as well. Again, I do not see spirit, I do not hear voices, it’s all feeling and thought for me. So I often wonder what is in my imagination and what is real because only through experience do you start to know how your psychic abilities work for you.

The interesting thing was that I really didn’t feel good last week. I took my temperature five times, with nothing uncommon. I felt like I just couldn’t breathe and I was so tired. I read an article that reminded me that spirits will use our energy and that can cause respiratory problems.

He was worried that it would hurt because his passing was painful for him. He expressed his love for his girlfriend and said she couldn’t save him, no one could save him. An experienced friend helped me through the crossing because it was my first time. I am confident we helped him understand that there was no judgement, only the purest of love and he was able to go through that door to the waiting arms of family and friends who were waiting for him. It was very emotional at times.

Now it is important for me to shield and protect myself daily so I don’t have my energy depleted and to make sure that no negative psychic energy attaches itself to me. I am open and willing to help those who are truly lost, but I’d like to do it on my terms.


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