Tips on Listening to Your Inner Guidance

The tingling was going crazy – several times throughout the whole day for several days in a row. But I couldn’t figure out what the message was. When I would quiet myself and ask if there was a message, my mind would totally go blank. Maybe I expected a faster answer, I don’t know, but I got nothin’.

One day I received a call that a young family member had a seizure. Then the message was clear. “I was trying to tell you to call…” I knew then what I was supposed to have figured out. Yes, I had thought about this relative recently, but dismissed it as just another general thought. How many times do we do that?

I also felt the seizure had something to do with his diet or not getting the nutrients his growing body needed. The chemicals and additives in today’s food is not optimum for anyone, let alone children. Then I pulled two Archangel Raphael Healing Cards to see what the angels had to say about it. One indicated to go outside more – well a vitamin D deficiency can cause seizures. The other said to see a nutritionist. Hmmm. I do not pretend to know anything about medical conditions, but I wasn’t prescribing anything except asking her to follow up with an expert. I was comfortable with that.

There it was, not only did I intuitively pick up on something, it was backed up by the angels.

I’m not sure if this information was heeded or not, but it was another reminder to ME that when I feel I am getting a message, to slow down and take the time to listen to what it is.

How To Listen To Your Inner Guidance:

  • Are there physical sensations? Notice whether it comes from the right side, left side, top of your head, etc. You can keep track as one guide may consistently come in on one side.
  • If you are in a place where you can be still and quiet for a few moments, go to your center.
  • Ask what the message is (out loud or to yourself, it doesn’t matter).
  • If you don’t feel like you received anything, ask again but request a more clear message.
  • Don’t expect to hear whispering in your ear (though you might), or a spirit to materialize and draw you a map. You may get a thought or an idea – don’t push it away as a random thought. That may be your message!
  • Pay attention to how your feel when you acknowledge that thought. A feeling of knowing or “rightness” is how I determine whether I’ve hit it or not.

Share some examples of how listening to your inner guidance has helped you.


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