Providing Healing with a God Box

God Box

The God Box is nothing new. I happened to read an article in a magazine a few years ago about a woman whose mother had passed away. She found her “God Box”, which was just a simple box where her mother put little slips of paper each written with a simple request to God. “God, please help Mark find a new job.” “God, please help relieve me from pain.” She didn’t have special paper or colored sticky notes. She wrote on anything and everything. The back of an envelope, a scrap of paper, a recipe card…it didn’t matter.

She was throwing it out to God and letting it go. Let Go and Let God. I loved the idea so I made my own with a plain round cardboard box from the craft store. I decoupaged it with paper that had my favorite sunflowers on it. I then remembered in my Reiki training we learned how to make a crystal grid so we could send Reiki to people whose photos we put behind the grid. So I got some crystals and laid them out in the grid pattern on the lid.

I love that box. It’s so pretty and I can put in my little slips of paper. But, I can also send Reiki energy to every single person in there all at one time.

Sometimes we want to help someone and we just don’t know how. No matter who you consider your God to be, you can ask your higher power to provide help for the highest good. Then let the universe do its magic.