Just Because I Can’t See Angels Doesn’t Mean They’re Not There

When I first started learning about angels and spirit guides, it was a little frustrating because my experiences were not what I expected. I didn’t see any floating winged angels in my bedroom, I didn’t hear whispers in my ear, I didn’t understand the “mind’s eye” at all. All I could think was “Why can’t I do that too?”

First off, it takes time and dedication to practice on a consistent basis. Learning how to meditate is a good first step. Honestly, I have never been a fan of meditation. I get bored or I fall asleep most of the time. I’m getting much better because now that I practice almost daily, I’m learning how to gently set aside the interrupting thoughts, not be annoyed by distracting noise and just allow myself to let go. Even if nothing happens, I’ve let my mind be quiet and relaxed for a half hour.

I like guided meditations sometimes, if you can find someone with a soothing voice that’s a big help. Some people shouldn’t be making meditations. Go onto YouTube for a ton of options. If you don’t like them after a few minutes, try another one.

So back to the angels. There are angels for every season and reason. There’s an angel to protect you when you travel, there’s an angel to help you when you move, there’s one to help you find a partner, there’s one to give you confidence, there’s one to help animals…you name it, there’s an angel for the job. Take some time to get to know them. I’ll probably put up a page soon for a reference, but there are books you can buy to get acquainted.

From there, you can start asking angels to help you or be with you whenever you want. You can ask for their help out loud, or in your mind, they will hear you. Angels can’t step in unless you specifically ask them to help  you. The only exception is if you are about to cross over and it is not yet your time. They don’t need you to ask for help, they can intervene.

In my meditation, I started asking for certain angels to please be with me, to come forward and let me feel their presence. You should also check the blog post when I asked for a sign. As I sit there in the quiet, at times I get the greatest feeling of love and compassion, tears come to my eyes. I have felt hands holding mine, I have felt like I had an arm around my shoulders. No, I didn’t see them, I didn’t hear them, it was a feeling.

The hunches you have out of nowhere, the ideas that spring to your mind, the repetitive thoughts of a certain person – those are all ways your angels talk to you. If you’re any kind of creative, angels are there to help ideas flow. When you’re at the bookstore, they guide you to the perfect book.

Some people are lucky enough to see them, and I’m hoping that one day I will too. Angels are pure energy, so don’t expect to see a person in a white robe with wings. If that’s what you want to see, they can certainly present themselves to you that way so you aren’t afraid, but angels don’t need wings to fly. You are more likely to see brilliant light – colors vary by angel.

Keep in mind though that we are not worshiping angels. Your worship goes to your God. God created angels as messengers. You can call on God anytime you want, angels are not a replacement, they enhance the spiritual experience. As Doreen Virtue explained in her book The Angel Therapy Handbook, “The angels work alongside Jesus and the ascended masters of all religious faiths, all your glory goes to God.”

So your angels are always with you! Get to know them, ask them for help, and above all say Thank You for the gifts they provide to you every day.


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