Is It a Spiritual Awakening or Menopause?

I usually feel it in my hands. Ever since I was attuned to Reiki energy, my hands tingle any time I talk, read or think about Reiki. It’s like they’re letting me know I need to give some energy to somebody. Now. It feels like a low level of electricity on the palms and fingers. I’m getting it now.

Then my head started to tingle once in awhile. That’s a little different, it doesn’t feel like electricity, it feels like that funny contraption called “The Head Tingler” with the long metal fingers. It’s kind of crawly but not in a bug kind of way. It’s distracting for sure.

As I take more classes and improve my intuition and start connecting to spirit, my head tingles several times a day now. Sometimes it’s on one side or the other, sometimes it’s all over the crown. Sometimes it starts in my spine and works its way up to my head, and sometimes I get a full-body tingle. It woke me up once and then I had some weird visions, but I digress.

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Just Because I Can’t See Angels Doesn’t Mean They’re Not There

When I first started learning about angels and spirit guides, it was a little frustrating because my experiences were not what I expected. I didn’t see any floating winged angels in my bedroom, I didn’t hear whispers in my ear, I didn’t understand the “mind’s eye” at all. All I could think was “Why can’t I do that too?”

First off, it takes time and dedication to practice on a consistent basis. Learning how to meditate is a good first step. Honestly, I have never been a fan of meditation. I get bored or I fall asleep most of the time. I’m getting much better because now that I practice almost daily, I’m learning how to gently set aside the interrupting thoughts, not be annoyed by distracting noise and just allow myself to let go. Even if nothing happens, I’ve let my mind be quiet and relaxed for a half hour.

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