Seeing Through the Eyes of Reiki

Reiki students are taught that we can provide Reiki healing over distance. That is, we don’t need the person to actually be in the room with us. We can send it in the now, we can send it in the future and we can send it to the past to help heal emotional trauma even before it happens. That’s a lot to wrap your head around.

Occasionally I send Reiki to people I know are hurting, physically or emotionally. It is nice to have permission from the person, but it is not required, as their higher self is the gatekeeper and will either allow or not allow the energy in.

I was told about a local person who had some very serious injuries and was in the hospital. It was very touch-and-go and I felt a strong need to send Reiki to this person as well as the family who was hurting so much.

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