Gaining Insight Through the Akashic Records

How do I explain this in regular-people-speak? There is a widely accepted theory that there is a vibrational record of every thought and action by every soul, in every lifetime they’ve ever lived called the Akashic Records. That’s how I understand it anyway.

The records are accessible to anyone and you can go back to any time in your soul’s journey to understand and get insight into concerns you have about your spiritual path, your life purpose, your family, your issues with money, etc.

You can’t just walk to your local library and ask the librarian to hand over your records, but it’s something like that. You just have to get to the alternate dimension of consciousness and ask for directions.

I decided I was going to go check out my records one day. Prior to starting the meditation, I had to decide how far back to go and have in mind what I was trying to figure out.

I have always felt that a big part of my life’s purpose was to learn how to give and receive love. I’m not really great at either and I figured I’d just go back to the day of my birth to see if I could get some insight on that.

The guided meditation was good. I didn’t fall asleep once, and it was just like going to the library and asking for “your” book. It wasn’t a long session, but I did come away with some greater understanding.

I won’t bore you with the personal details, but I was shown several instances in my life where I felt rejection instead of love. How was I supposed to learn how to be loving? I instead learned how to build up a wall so no one would get too close and hurt me. If anyone’s going to be cold and distant, it’s going to be me.

Now, this was not new information to me, but I had never thought of it as a barrier to my personal growth. Instead I get upset with myself because I can’t be the loving parent/wife I really want to be. Now I have more of an understanding of why I am the way I am through my journey to the Akashic Records.

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