Asking The Angels for a Sign

Oh it was just a crappy day. We all have them and we get through it with that little gray cloud floating over our heads. It was probably getting close to that time of the month so I was already in a crabby mood anyway.

On my way home from work I noticed I needed gas. I suppose I should have been thankful that I noticed and didn’t just run out. After filling up, I got back in the car and said out loud: “Angels, I know you’re with me, but today I REALLY need a sign of your presence please.” You never know what to expect, so I made sure to keep my eyes open for anything abnormal.

I got home and saw two messages on my answering machine. Probably some medical office reminding me of an appointment, I thought.

The first message was from the store where I sell my art. She called to tell me someone purchased one of my pieces and that they would like another one with the same saying on it. Get ready for this…the saying was


 “If You Were Waiting For A Sign – This Is It.” 



The second message was from a client who called to order a personalized SIGN. Even now when I think about it, I get goose bumps.

I will never doubt that my angels are around me. I got my sign – twice.